.This new section isĀ dedicated to golfing societies – over the coming weeks we will be adding various new features to this part of the site to help showcase and support the many local golfing societies that are operating in the Midlands region.

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Rolls Royce (PTF) – Derby

Group golfers play such an important role in the golfing economy and MG consider ourselves to be a society publication with the majority of our club based promotions targeted towards society traffic. So we’ve worked over the years to form many valuable relationships with our local groups, who do tend to follow our recommendations over where to play.

Caribbean Golf Society – Coventry & West Midlands

We’ve got more than enough of them now to be willing volunteers in our major new feature for 2018. The magazine now has a monthly section we’re calling ‘No Gimmes’ completely devoted to Midlands golf societies. The contributors are the groups themselves and we will be sharing the best bits here online as well in this extended society section.

The Society wall icon

Take a look at the contributing groups by clicking on the Society Wall icon above, check out their latest trips and reviews in our Society News page and see who’s winning what and which societies are rivalling each other in Ryder Cup style tussles on our Honours Board page.

MG’s own Leekbrook GS – Staffs

All coming soon but most importantly is this. There are no limits to our society section here online and every group who contacts us will get a few spots in the magazine too. Plus it costs nothing to give us your society content at any time, so if you would like to see your society’s name inĀ  lights and join this growing band, please get in touch by clicking on the form on the right. Become another brick in our society wall.

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